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The Washington State WIC program has been using our Excerpts from Food for Tots booklets for the past three years. This is what one of their WIC Program certifiers has to say:

We love this booklet for our WIC clients! And our WIC clients have told us how much they love getting this great booklet filled with recipes and nutrition information.

We are particularly excited about having recipes using WIC foods to share with clients. One of the most common comments we hear from clients is how much they love getting recipes. Excerpts from Food for Tots not only provides nutritious and fun recipes, but also includes additional ideas for showing children how to help in the kitchen; our clients really appreciate this part of the booklet.

Staff have also been delighted to have the ChooseMyPlate information added in a way that is useable and understandable. Excerpts from Food for Tots is an excellent resource for those nutrition questions that so many parents have, from picky eaters to what to feed your child when they are sick.

Overall, we can’t say enough good things about this booklet designed with WIC in mind—and it now is available in Spanish also! Thanks for this WIC resource!

—Heidi Feston, WIC Certifier, Washington State


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